Volumetric video with any VR180 camera

  • Capture in any environment
  • Immersive volumetric video for WebVR, Quest 2, Unity, and Unreal
  • 180 degree field of view
  • High resolution depth maps with machine learning
  • Software for Windows and Mac


holovolo.tv is powered by Lifecast. holovolo is the easiest way to watch volumetric VR videos on Quest 2 in WebVR, or to upload your VR180 content and have it processed automatically. For developers and virtual production pros, Lifecast offers the same tools on Windows and Mac, and ways to play our volumetric VR video format in Unreal Engine, Unity, or WebVR hosted on your own site.

Watch in WebVR on Quest 2

  • Lifecast WebVR player runs on desktop and VR browsers
  • Optimized for Meta Quest 2
  • WebVR means no install required
  • Gallery

Volumetric video player for Unity

  • Easily integrate volumetric video into any Unity project
  • Capture in any environment, no lightstage needed
  • Compressed efficiently with h264 for web streaming

Volumetric video player for Unreal Engine

  • Ideal for virtual production
  • Capture environments and characters, add special effects

Award winning software


Powered by state of the art machine learning

  • Stereo depth estimation using using deep learning
  • RGBD inpainting for occlusions using deep learning
  • 3D geometric computer vision for scene reconstruction

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