Volumetric Video Editor

Capture volumetric video in any environment, with 8K+ resolution and 180 degree FOV, using any VR180 camera.
Render with Lifecast, then deploy to Unreal Engine, Unity, WebXR, Desktop, Mobile, Quest, or Looking Glass.
Create photorealistic video backgrounds for virtual production, or uniquely immersive mixed reality experiences.

Pro $299/mo
Non-Commercial $7.99/mo
Watch on Quest Browser
or any 2D screen

Capture volumetric video with any VR180 camera

  • Use any VR180 camera, such as the Canon EOS R5 with RF 5.2mm f/2.8 Dual Fisheye 3D lens
  • VR180 cameras have higher resolution and field of view than traditional depth sensors
  • Lifecast enables you to capture a full scene including the background, not just a single person or object
  • Beyond light stages, VR180 cameras are highly portable and can be used in remote locations
  • Beyond photogrammetry and NeRF, Lifecast's LDI3 format and rendering pipeline handles video and motion

Volumetric Video Editor for Windows, Mac

  • Render VR180 to volumetric (LDI3) format using state-of-the-art machine learning for stereo depth estimation
  • Edit volumetric video channels and preview 3D results in real-time
  • Automatically encode video in standard formats for deployment in Unreal, Unity, or javascript (web, mobile, VR)

Volurama: Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) for Windows, Mac

  • Capture volumetric panoramas using a short video from a phone
  • A simple GUI makes it easy to run a powerful computer vision pipeline which estimates camera motion and builds a photorealistic 3D model of the scene
  • You can render the scene from the point of view of a virtual camera which moves smoothly, which would otherwise require expensive equipment such as dollys or booms.
  • Render 2D Video, VR180 (stereoscopic), or Looking Glass hologram.

Volumetric Video Cloud Rendering

  • Render VR180 to volumetric (LDI3) format faster with parallel cloud GPUs
  • Easy to use: upload your input VR180 video, download compressed volumetric video ready to deploy
  • Layered-depth image inpainting with Stable Diffusion

Royalty Free Volumetric Video Library

  • A collection of high-quality volumetric videos, ready for use in your application
  • Captured in 8K with a Canon EOS R5 with dual fisheye lense for exceptional image quality

AI Generated 3D Assets with Stable Diffusion

  • Create 3d assets or environments using Stable Diffusion from a text prompt
  • Upload any 2D photo or image, and it will be out-painted to form a complete 3D scene
  • Experience your creations in VR, or in 2D / web / mobile
  • Export for Unreal Engine, Unity, or javascript

Open Source Volumetric Video Player for Javascript, WebXR