Volumetric video with any VR180 camera

  • Capture in any environment
  • Immersive volumetric video for WebVR, Quest 2, Unity, and Unreal
  • 180 degree field of view
  • High resolution depth maps with machine learning



Watch in VR on Quest 2

  • Lifecast WebVR player runs on desktop and VR browsers
  • Optimized for Meta Quest 2
  • WebVR means no install required
  • Gallery

Volumetric video player for Unity

  • Easily integrate volumetric video into any Unity project
  • Capture in any environment, no lightstage needed
  • Compressed efficiently with h264 for web streaming

Volumetric video player for Unreal Engine

  • Ideal for virtual production
  • Capture environments and characters, add special effects

Award winning software


Powered by state of the art machine learning

  • Stereo depth estimation using using deep learning
  • RGBD inpainting for occlusions using deep learning
  • 3D geometric computer vision for scene reconstruction

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