Practical Immersive Volumetric Video

Virtual Reality

For the most immersive and comfortable VR experience, Lifecast makes it possible to create 6DOF VR videos and photos for Quest 2 and WebVR, with existing VR180 cameras. 6DOF means viewers can move their head without motion sickness, unlike most 3D VR content.

Virtual Production

For virtual production shots where the camera moves, Lifecast's photorealistic 3D video backgrounds render with realistic parallax in Unreal or Unity. Elevate your production with volumetric video backgrounds.

8K, 180° FOV

Unlike volumetric video using depth sensors or lidar, Lifecast enables high resolution and wide field of view. VR180 cameras such as the Canon EOS R5 can capture stunning 8K footage, and Lifecast's software uses machine learning to estimate depth.

Capture Anywhere

Using any VR180 camera, Lifecast enables capturing volumetric video of any environment or subject matter. Beyond photogrammetry, this includes scenes where things move (like people).

VR180 to 6DOF


Easiest way to get started

VR180 to 6DOF in the cloud

Watch on Quest 2 in VR web browser

Text to 3D with Stable Diffusion

Enhance any 2D photo to 3D

Render flythrough videos

Free to try

Windows / Mac OS

VR180 to 6DOF on your desktop

Output 8K resolution or higher

Output Lifecast 6DOF format

Compatible with Unity and Unreal Engine

Output mesh (.obj) and point cloud (.pcd)


$129.99/mo Buy Now


Early access to experimental features

Camera calibration

Robotics and computer vision

Special effects



Lifecast logo

Lifecast Inc.

Immersive Volumetric Media

Founded in 2021, we are making immersive volumetric video practical. Lifecast is funded by Y Combinator.

Forrest Briggs

Forrest Briggs, Ph.D.

CEO / Founder

Forrest previously co-founded Facebook's VR camera team, and was a tech lead for robotics at Lyft (self-driving cars) and Google X.

Lawrence Neal

Lawrence Neal

Research Engineer

Lawrence specializes in AI, machine learning, and computer vision. He has worked at Dropcam and Google, and co-founded SleepGlad.