Download and install for Windows

  • Requires Windows 10 and recent NVidia GPU
  • Download Windows Installer
  • Download CUDA 11.3 installer. You must install CUDA version 11.3 to run this software on Windows. It will not work with a different version.
  • You may get a warning while installing that says "Windows protect your PC ... prevented unrecognized app from starting". To get past this, just click "More Info", then "Run Anyway".
  • The application is installed to C:\Program Files\vr180to6dof\bin\vr180to6dof.exe (it won't make a shortcut automatically).

Download and install for Mac OS X

  • Requires Mac OS X 12.2 or later
  • Download Mac Installer
  • When you first open the application, you will get a warning from Mac OS X saying it cannot be verified. To get past this, go to "System Preferences" → "Security & Privacy" → "Open Anyway".

Download Lifecast 6DOF WebVR Player

Getting started and support

How to purchase

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