Tutorial: Volumetric Video in Javascript and WebXR

  • Get the example web pages project from GitHub
  • Due to browser security restrictions (CORS), you cannot simply open the index.html file locally, as it will be unable to load the image.
  • Instead, cd to the /web directory, then run `python3 local_server.py', or if you have python2, use local_server_python2.py instead
  • In a browser, open http://localhost:8000/index.html
  • To test WebVR locally on Quest, please refer to this tutorial.
  • Each browser and platform has different limits and video codecs it can decode. To switch which one is used by the player based on platform, update the code as shown:
    LifecastVideoPlayer.init({_media_url: "media/000000.jpg"});
    to this:
    _media_url:        "media/myvid_h264.mp4",
    _media_url_oculus: "media/myvid_h265.mp4",
    _media_url_mobile: "media/myvid_1080p_h264.mp4"
  • To automatically generate all of the platform-optimized video encodings in Lifecast Volumetric Video Editor, choose the Render menu, then Encode Compressed LDI3 Video.

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